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Certificate of Smart Oilfield Technologies

Certificate in Smart Oilfield Technologies

The certificate in smart oilfield techniques is designed for practicing engineers and scientists who enter petroleum engineering related fields and/or who wish to obtain training in the specific smart oilfields area. The applicants may enroll at USC as limited status students. They must apply and be admitted to the program before they complete 9 units of the required course work. The certificate program is open to applicants with an undergraduate degree in engineering or sciences who meet the admission criteria as limited students. The required courses consist of the following 12 units:
Required courses
PTE 586
Intelligent and Collaborative Oilfield Systems Characterization and Management
PTE 587
Smart Completions, Oilfield Sensors and Sensor Technology
PTE 588
Smart Oilfield Data Mining
PTE 589
Advanced Oilfield Operations with Remote Visualization and Control
These classes will be available through the USC Distance Education Network (DEN). The credit for classes may be applied toward the M.S. or Ph.D. in petroleum engineering should the student decide later to pursue an advanced degree. In order to be admitted to the M.S. program, the student should maintain a B average or higher in courses for the certificate program and must satisfy all normal admission requirements. All courses for the certificate must be taken at USC.