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ELAC Summer Green Science & Technology Program


  • 2010  ELAC Summer Green Science & Technology Program

    East Los Angeles College Summer Academy

    July 20, 2010 — 

    Forty freshmen from the East Los Angeles College attended a day long session which showed them new vistas of Engineering education and career opportunities in various facets of Engineering. The Center for Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies hosts incoming East Los Angeles College Freshmen to introduce them to various engineering disciplines. This year, the freshmen were very eager to know more about the various aspects of Engineering education and its future prospects. They interacted with leading professors from various departments of Viterbi school of Engineering at USC. (Click Here to view ELAC Summer Academy’s photo gallery)

    The speakers line up included: Dr. Ershaghi – Petroleum Engineering, Mr. Williams (VP of Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico Business Unit), Dr. Povinelli from Electrical Engineering, Dr. Gupta from Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences and Dr. Vashishta from Chemical Engineering, Material Sciences, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy. Finally, the students were given a comprehensive understanding of the Viterbi transfer process by Ms. Beiter from Viterbi Admissions. The freshmen from East Los Angeles College went back home armed with more will to pursue Engineering.


  • 2011  ELAC Summer Green Science & Technology Program

    April 13, 2011 —In celebration of Earth Day, East Los Angeles Community College invited multiple organizations and companies focusing on renewable energy sources and improving the environment to help educate students on science based careers. Aside from CiSoft, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Chevron, Southern California Edison, and many other groups appeared at the gathering, showing students how they could also help and care for the environment for the future. CiSoft focused on plastics and the importance of recycling properly, teaching students how to recycle and what should or should not be placed in the blue bin. More than 1000 students from both primary and secondary schools attended the event.

    CiSoft has a long relationship with ELAC and also participated in the ELAC Summer Academy on July 18th, 2011 targeting MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) students transitioning from high school to junior college. Students learned about careers in Petroleum & Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, and Geology.

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