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Summer Camp Feedback

  • Miles Segura: This Camp was the best one I have been to.
  • Morgan Romero: I loved everything about the camp and I'm glad I had the opportunity to experience it!
  • Jeremy Murphy: I enjoyed this camp! I learned a lot and definitely want to go in engineering.
  • Jasmine Antony: Thank you so much for sponsoring our summer camp! It has changed the way I see the engineering field. I have a clearer idea of what I want to study in college now like Petroleum or Chemical engineering.
  • David Hsu: Continue the Camp for as long as possible.
  • Whitney Ngo: I didn't expect that much out of this summer program but you guys went above and beyond!
  • Darrin Williams: I'm more motivated to explore alternate energies because the surface information given to the public seems flawed
  • Wesley Adrianson: The camp made me become very interested in pursuing a career in energy in the future
  • Sean Leonard: We learned both positive and inspirational information about our world's resources
  • Maya Martirossyan: Before this camp I had a completely different conception of our future in energy, and now I feel very knowledgeable and practical regarding energy
  • Armin Abedi: I really learned a whole lot and I hope maybe one day I can help you guys out in the effort of finding the energy of the future
  • Bobby Lowrie: Thank you Chevron for opening my eyes to the fact that energy is not merely a concept you learn about in school, but that it is something that affects us every day of our life.
  • Jennifer liu: It was truly an enlightening experience.
  • Roberto Auchterlonie Camino Nuevo High School: I would recommend this experience to my students and co-workers strongly
  • Beth Goodman Glenelg Country School: Excited to share what I learned
  • Brian Bliss Poly High School: I found this camp a brilliant idea; it's shown me many of the thought processes of companies.
  • Alfonso Castellanos North High School: Before, I only viewed energy resources through a scientific perspective, but now, I am able to perceive energy resources from a political and economic mindset. I met people of my age from all over the United States, which broadened my views of the world. The camp has strengthened my passion for math and science.
  • Sean Lee Torance High School: This program was an eye opener and helped build understanding about energy resources in a much greater way.
  • Max Morrison Pacific Palisades High School: The awareness that I have about the variety of energy sources and benefits of each type has increased. Now I think about where my power comes form.
  • Sonal Rangnekar Claremont High School: The camp really cemented my ideas for my future in college-both major and location (USC!)
  • Katie Torigoe Waiakea High School: I was pretty media-influenced and I had a stunted view of energy. I feel enlightened now! It's exciting. It was a very enriching experience and I feel like I have a lot more direction for my future now.
  • "I will be using this new knowledge I have gained in my lessons this coming school year." -Ms. Osako
  • "It was great! The professors were amazing, other students were fun and smart, the lectures were interesting / fascinating, and the project was intense (in a good way)." -Anonymous
  • "Very informative. I learned so much and made so many new friends. It really changed my mind about the world's energy. It felt like going to college." -Edward Chu
  • "I am so glad I got accepted into this program and I learned so much new information about energy resources that I've never known about before, such as CO2 Sequestration, Methanol economy, and nano technology. It was amazing getting to know all of the other students and collaborate and share ideas about energy resources and methods! I think it was a life changing experience and it opened up my eyes to a new world; the college life. It was fun!" -Anonymous
  • "The camp was great. I've learned so much in one week. The dorms are great, the food was good and the counselors were very helpful. I didn't expect to get this much out of the program. Thank you!!" -Lia Bourne
  • "I enjoyed the professors. I would like to be their student one day and work with them on their research.!" -Anonymous
  • "This camp has definitely given me a glimpse into the world of engineering. I'm definitely thankful for this experience!" -Riana LoBu
  • "I really enjoyed it. I had fun making new friends and I liked the opportunity to learn from college professors and live a little bit of the college life." – Anonymous
  • "USC Summer Camp was probably the most influential aspect of my educational career. " -Jason Kim
  • "I really enjoyed attending this camp. I had my eyes opened to new aspects of engineering. I am more excited than ever to begin my career as an engineer." – Danny Hill, Servite High
  • "One of the best experiences of my life and I know I will never forget it. Thank you very much; nothing could have been more perfect than this camp." – Reyna Vital, Phineas Banning High
  • "I really enjoyed the camp and felt the experience was too short. Not only was the environment very friendly, but I learned so much inspiring knowledge. This really informs students of the available career opportunities in the energy field. The average person has no idea some of these studies exist." – Anonymous
  • "The camp was organized very well and was extremely interesting and informative." – Michael Goulis, Palos Verdes High
  • "One of the best experiences of my entire life; I couldn't have asked for better." – Samantha Plete, Channel Islands High
  • "It was very informative. I really want to become an engineer now. I liked being able to walk through campus like USC students. Great program for any aspiring engineers" – Anonymous
  • "This made my summer." – Jessie Cruz, West Adams Prep
  • "The dorms were well -adequate. The training facilities were highly technological and the learning environment was very positive." – Catherine Chen, Palos Verdes High
  • "All the lecturers were so inspirational for me, and the fact that all these great people were willing to speak to us was amazing. All the information really opened my eyes. The lab tours made me really excited about engineering." – Anonymous
  • "The experience was life changing." – Saul Franco, Math Teacher from South Gate High
  • "It was incredibly eye-opening to hear lectures about new technology" – Ivy Jiang
  • "I had a blast at the camp. I learned so much from the amazing speakers and my understanding of energy has completely changed" – Jake Sheridan
  • "Each session was informative and educational. Theprogram was challenging and the project process was fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of it." – Anne Curtis Giovanelli
  • "This is a great camp where people will be able to gain a better understanding of engineering, and become excited about the possibility of majoring in engineering." – Silvi Rebolledo
  • "This summer camp has defintiely changed the way I see the world of energy, and I had a lot of fun meeting other students who shared my interests in science, math, and engineering." – Kayla Severson

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