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2017 Chevron E-Week Competition

Competitions will be based on participation by teams each consisting of 7 students (Undergraduate and or/graduate) from any discipline studying at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. Each team needs to select a team leader who must submit an application and must include the names of team members. No team additions/substitutions  are allowed after the application has been submitted.

Application Deadline 12 noon PST January 13, 2017. Submit applications: HERE

Questions will be distributed to team leaders on January 18, 2017

Team projects are due Feb. 16, 2017

Presentations will be during Engineering Week (Feb 20-24)


Category 1 Petroleum Engineering Question

Category 2: Chemical Engineering Question

Application Deadline/ Rules:

1-No Faculty help may be solicited for the project.

2-Solution to Challenge question is due at 12 noon PST on February 16, 2017. Solution in digital format must be submitted to

3-The winning team will be announced during Engineering Week.

4-All engineering computations and backup materials must be included in the solution submitted.

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