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Frontiers of Eneregy Resources Summer Camp 2010

July 15, 2010 — The USC-Chevron Frontiers of Energy Resources Summer Camp 2010 had a colorful start on Saturday, June 26 with a few "Getting To Know You" games and Photo Scavenger Hunt. Chevron Corporation sponsored the event at USC with CiSoft’s collaboration. The Frontiers of Energy Resources Summer Camp is a preparatory, interactive training program, focusing on various energy resources, to exceptional high school juniors and high school science or math teachers and introduces them to the opportunities and career possibilities available in the global energy resources industry.

This year, high school students from as far as New Mexico came to the University of Southern California to attend the camp. (Click Here for the complete list of campers) On Sunday, the campers went on a field trip, guided by Don Clarke, along California’s coast where they were introduced to some of Southern California’s history and geology. Monday saw the campers getting introduced to the Camp by Warner Williams, the Vice President of Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico business unit. Mr. Williams is an enormous supporter for CiSoft’s outreach events such as this summer camp.

Mr. Warner Williams

For the next four days the campers attended lectures which covered diverse topics related to Energy Resources and their management. Energy Supplies and Demand, a Methanol Economy, Nanotechnologies, and Smart Grids were some of the topics covered by these lectures. The campers were also given access to library computers to conduct research on the knowledge they acquired that day and on the following day's topics. (Click Here for the Summer Camp 2010 agenda)

The final day was lightened up with the campers participating in a heated debate about which energy resource would be best suited for our future needs. A day earlier, the campers were divided into four groups and each group was given an energy resource to defend. This enabled them to bring in the positives and negatives of the four resources, namely: Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Solar and Nuclear. The debate helped the campers display what they had learned, as well as provide and accept constructive criticism to and from other teams and also from the panel of experts who functioned as judges.

Group Picture

The campers were amazed by the labs in the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC which they visited after the debate. The camp concluded with the distribution of awards to the campers and closing remarks by Camp Director, Professor Iraj Ershaghi. The camp proved to be a rewarding experience to the campers which definitely encouraged most of the campers to consider a career in the field of energy resources. (Click Here for the Summer Camp 2010 photo gallery)